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Drawing Course with Tom Read - Beginner to intermediate levels in Zurich

Drawing courses in Zurich with Tom Reed. Learn to draw. Beginner to intermediate levels.


Drawing Classes in Zurich

Improve your drawing skills


Relaxed Drawing Courses

New Drawing Course starts 3 September 2019

Close to Main Station Zurich



Autumn Drawing Courses

Learn the foundation of drawing

  • Judging relationships

  • How to use tone and shading

  • Best use of composition and line

  • The rules of perspective

  • An introduction to colour

  • Basics of painting

Every Tuesday evening 18:30 - 20.30 beginning September 3.

12 lessons for 660 CHF



The Foundation Drawing Course 1

Pencil, Ink and Charcoal

  • How to look

  • Judging relationships

  • How to use tone and shading

  • Best use of composition and line

  • The rules of perspective

  • Checks for drawing accurately

  • If you can write, you can learn to draw

Every Tuesday from 3 September 18:30 PM - 20:30 PM

12 lessons for 660 CHF



The Further Drawing Course 2

Further drawing and an introduction to painting

  • Developing further drawing skills

  • Drawing the figure

  • Approaches to mark making

  • An introduction to colour

  • Painting – techniques and materials

Every Monday from 2 September, 18:30 PM - 20:30 PM

12 lessons for 660 CHF


Credit: Lisa Freund

Credit: Lisa Freund

Visualisation Workshops

Communicating with Images - improve your presentations & visualise your research.

  • How to construct images

  • Visual storytelling to engage an audience

  • Graphic design and layout basics

  • How to use colour

  • Visualisations - good and bad examples

    Next one day workshop Friday 14 June. 240 CHF.


Are You Ready to bring your skills to the next level?



Meet Your Instructor Tom

Relaxed and experienced

"I became keen on drawing and art when I was about twelve and have since spent much time doing it.It is very exciting to start the morning with a blank canvas and have a painting on it by the end of the day.

It gives a very basic and real feeling of satisfaction and a day well spent. Drawing becomes a language if you practice it regularly.

And it is much easier to learn then Swiss German."

Encouraging and enthusiastic

"Everyone can learn to draw and everyone can be creative. Encouraging and building up confidence is as important as teaching the basic skills.

I enjoy the interaction and discussions with students and I learn things too. I think we all enjoy having two 'digital free' hours of focused concentration in the classes.

I have been an artist over 35 years and I have been teaching 15 years at schools and universities. I am looking forward to supporting you advance with your drawing skills."


Artwork of Students

Tom’s courses are relaxed and fun

Only a few minutes from Zurich main station

Only 10-12 students per drawing course


Good to Know!

What do I need to bring?

Pencils, a sketch book and an A3 pad.

Do I need to pay up front?

No. The first evening if risk free. Pay for the course after the first class.

What if I have to skip a class?

Fine. You can try and make it up in another class if there is space.

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