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If you have ever wanted to learn to draw, or want to take it up again, here is your opportunity - a creative and relaxed class in the centre of town on Monday evenings (or another evening according to demand).

Learn about the different elements of drawing – observation, tone, proportion – and have the chance to realise your potential over a twelve week course. You can come with your own ideas and projects, or else there will be objects provided for you to draw. Materials will also be provided.

Class sizes will be small (8-10) and various techniques and mediums can be tried. As well as advice, there will be presentations on aspects of drawing and elements of art history.

The benefits of drawing are many. It is good for the brain and good for a sense of accomplishment. To create something that a couple of hours before was a blank sheet of paper is satisfying.

You never look at something as closely as when you draw it. We live in a fast and distraction-filled digital age. To slow down, to look carefully at the world around us and learn how to observe is a valuable skill.

With refreshments and the chance to meet others with a similar interest, the classes should provide a rewarding and productive evening.

Tom Reed is an experienced artist and teacher. He has taught at secondary school level and university level and is regularly giving visualisation and drawing courses to PhD students at Swiss universities. As a practicing artist he keeps up a habit of regularly going out into nature to paint landscapes. He finds that direct contact and observation of nature is always rewarding.


In a recent university course evaluation, 65% of students marked Tom's course 'excellent' and 35% 'good'. Here are some of their comments:

'Was really fun and learned a lot!'

'What I found particularly good was Tom's attitude towards art and his enthusiasm and personality'.

'I really feel more confident with drawing'.

'Good balance between theory and practice'.

'We were really encouraged to draw more and be more creative'.

And this is from former student Diogo Guerra... "I took Tom's course on drawing for scientists back in 2013, and it definitely broadened my horizons of illustration and its possibilities.... Tom's energy, humor and assistance create a very engaging environment, which is backed by his great experience and helpful tips. The evening schedule was the best way to relax after a day of work. I definitely recommend this course to anyone who is interested in drawing, both beginners and more advanced students."

 Olga Antsiferova

Olga Antsiferova

 Diogo Guerra

Diogo Guerra

 Stefanie Wagner

Stefanie Wagner

 Zuzana Burivalova

Zuzana Burivalova

 Nina Richner

Nina Richner



One Day Landscape Painting Workshops on the Rigi.  Sat. 25th August and Sat. 8th September 2018.

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Leaving the studio and painting outside in nature is a bit like getting out of a swimming pool and swimming in the sea. It's sometimes challenging, but it's great!

Outside it's different

Outside you need to work fast, as the light changes quickly, and you need to deal with the sun, wind and other logistics. However, you are immersed 'in' your subject and the elements / environment finds it's way into the work. There is a freshness and immediacy in a painting made from nature that is not possible to reproduce in the studio.

Nature is a wonderful subject for developing your skills. On this course you will learn...

how to improve your observation

how to choose and compose a subject  

techniques for painting outside - tips and tricks

different approaches to colour

We are lucky to have spectacular countryside in Switzerland. The Rigi is a 40 minute drive from Zurich and it has wonderful views of Lake Lucerne and the Pilatus (see photo). The location is right by a handy restaurant for lunch / toilets etc.

Painting outside is good for you! Spend a day reconnecting with nature and practicing focussed concentration in a digital free zone! Small groups. Instruction in English.

Cost for the day workshop - 220chf. (lunch not included).

Tom Reed is an experienced artist and teacher and has been regularly going outside painting in Nature for thirty years.

Painting outside is generally a more physical experience than painting in a studio. It can also be an adventure. On painting trips I have been rained on, chased by dogs, given food and drink by strangers, questioned by police, accosted by a suspicious truffle farmer and been involved in a forest fire. Admittedly all these things happened in other countries (apart from the getting rained on), but getting out of the studio opens up possibilities!